Jen Pike

Jen Pike

Front-End Web Developer

photo of Jen Pike in Tobermory Ontario, standing by a railing next to the water

About Me

Hello, I'm Jen, a front-end web developer from Ajax, Ontario. I have a passion for coding and seeing how everything comes together. A recent graduate of HackerYou's immersive Bootcamp, a big fan of dark themes, puns and all things fluffy! My chocolate lab Brown Dog is the most calming feature in my life, and when I'm not coding, an adventure to my cottage with him is where you'll likely find me.

Before taking the leap into web development, I was a Veterinary Technician specializing in Companion Animal Rehab. Working with animals and their humans during stressful situations helped me develop great communication skills, a strong sense of compassion, as well as a desire to always learn new things.



Slide Puzzle

Interactive slide puzzle, allows the user to mix up the tiles and slide them back into place until the puzzle matches the example image.

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